My Promise to Phyllis Douglass (Tripician)

Phyllis Douglass (nee Tripician) Aug 17, 1926 - Oct 28, 2011. 

I don't believe I have ever written about Phyllis.  I have told the story dozens of times though. Today I share it with you.  

I first laid eyes on Phyllis Douglass inside the doorway of the Tripician store front in the marketplace of Absecon. It was a rather balmy summer morning in August of 2002. She was then 76 years old. The doors were open as we painted the walls sky blue; preparing for the opening of the new Tripician's Macaroons storefront at 640 White Horse Pike. She walked in and stood just inside the doorway of the center door.  I addressed this stranger in the three-quarter length Tiffany-blue button-down-the-front coat, purse strap in hand, arm at her side, as she stood peering in and slowly looking around, "Can I help you?"

She introduced herself as "Phyllis Douglas". I did not recognize the name. She then said, "Phyllis Douglass-Tripician". 

My attention was instantly piqued.  She went on to explain that she was the owner of 'G. Carl Tripician, Macaroons' responsible for moving the business off the Atlantic City boardwalk in 1979 during the advent of the casinos and raised rental costs. I introduced myself as the business's current owner. What an amazing surprise! 

As she slowly and thoroughly gazed around the interior shell I noticed tears were gathering in her eyes. Silence. Then she uttered to me, "This is my dream." I was touched; thoroughly moved and taken back by such strong emotions. I found the ongoing conversation very intriguing and absorbed any details she had to offer.  She was somewhat brief in those details, more contemplative overall. Because of this I sensed there was more of a purpose for her visit. There was a reason she stopped in.  As the conversation waned I discovered just what it was she came there for on that summer day. When she concluded her talk she directed her gaze at me eye-to-eye and said "I ask one thing of you." She asked me to make her a promise. She said, "Promise me you will never let this business die." 

I did. 

Twenty-two years later I can totally relate to those tears. 


Cindy Lakes, Owner 

June 16, 2022