Boardwalk Confections

Candy makes a perfect gift for the sweet people in your life but Tripician's gourmet Jersey shore candy, caramel popcorn and baked goods includes wonderful memories along with it. Reminisce about the times you strolled on the boards of Atlantic City along the seashore and enjoyed fudge, taffy and popcorn with your Tripician's Macaroon gift box in hand. Send a memory. Send Tripicians!

Part of the fun in enjoying chocolates is not knowing what you are going to get when you sink your teeth into each piece. Chocolate lovers delight in knowing Tripician's offers over fifty different kinds of fine quality chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels everyday. 

Did you know?  "...Square and rectangular chocolates typically have crunchy or chewy centers: "Fillings like caramel and toffee cool on large slabs, then are cut at right angles and dipped in chocolate," says Tom Ward, the president and CEO of Russell Stover." Circular and oval treats almost always contain soft fillings, such as ganache or cream. Nut candies have easy-to-read bumpy surfaces. And a shiny foil wrapper signals an ooey-gooey liquid center, like a cherry cordial. (The foil protects against leaks.) "  

Enough about chocolates. Whoever smothered the first three-ring pretzel in chocolate was a genius! Order yours today!