Mother Nature’s Cookie Collection - 12 pc assortment

Mother Nature’s Cookie Collection - 12 pc assortment

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For those who have more discerning taste, a love of nature or herbs and a desire to sample extraordinary cookies, we bring you our new 🌺 “Mother’s Day Mother Nature” 🌱 cookie collection! This limited time only gift box will be available for those who are in search of a unique and exceptional gift for Mom or a special treat for yourself. Each cookie is handmade featuring the finest of ingredients; created with specific attention to detail and following precise baking methods. These are appropriate for a quiet afternoon tea where savoring the experience is the foremost intention.

Limited quantities available.
Preorders recommended.

No substitutions available. 

  • Teaberry - subtle wintergreen-like, using organic teaberry leaves and organic teaberry extract. 
  • Lemon Balm Shortbread - Organic leaves from the mint family, delicate lemon, perfect taste of citrus you’ll love.  
  • Honey Lavender Shortbread - Organic lavender leaves, flowers and sweet lavender honey dance in this delicate snappy confection. 
  • Orange Rosemary Shortbread - A buttery shortbread with orange zest and savory rosemary. Outstanding contrasting flavors! 
  • Dandelion Shortbread- A bright sunny twist of an old school classic with organic petals baked in and local organic dandelion jelly atop! 
  • Lush Lemon & Basil Sugar Cookies - Wow! Lemon zest and bold organic Italian Basil, rolled in a sweet basil-sugar coating. Cindy’s favorite! 
  • Blackberry-Sage Thumbprint - an interesting contrasting brown sugar cookie with aromatic organic crushed sage, topped with seedless blackberry jelly.