Jersey Blueberry Fudge, Come and Get It!

For our customers who enthusiastically wait for this best-selling summer fudge... Our signature flavor of the season, Jersey Blueberry Fudge, is ready!

Experience the only blueberry fudge made anywhere from Tripicians in Galloway, New Jersey. We use fresh, ripe, plump and juicy 'Jersey' Fresh' Blueberries from about 30 minutes west of us in Hammonton, New Jersey.

The berries are introduced into the fudge and cooked in with gentle swirling. They release their juices and flavor and become fully incorporated without the use of any additional colorings or flavorings. The bold bluish - purple color is from the berries alone!

Jersey Blueberry fudge is just one example of our passion for creating unique and seasonal confections. Our fudge and our Macaroons are available to ship nationwide!

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