About Us

Nicoli Tripiciano, the father of Gaetano Carl Tripician founded what would later become G. Carl Tripician, Macaroons on the Atlantic City boardwalk in 1910.   Tripicians soon became popular with the locals and vacationers alike for their almond and coconut macaroons. Over time four locations dwindled to one with the advent of the casinos. In 1979 the last location was moved by the niece of G. Carl Tripician to the first offshore site on Route 30 east of N. Shore Road.  Years later Tripicians was moved to an old two-story building in front of the Absecon train station on the White Horse Pike being owned outside of the family for the first time in history. Purchased in October 2000 by Cindy Lakes, a relative of G. Carl Tripician, the growing retail and baking facility moved to the Marketplace of Absecon in the summer of 2002 and later simultaneously maintained a storefront in the Trump Marina Hotel and Casino. In January of 2016 Tripician’s Macaroons relocated to their Reeds Bay Plaza location on Route 9 in Galloway, NJ where the Macaroons are still baked today according to the original recipe.  We still hand-wrap our Almond and Coconut Macaroons and carefully package them to order; shipping them nationwide. We truly hope you enjoy these treats from the Jersey Shore! Try our cream-filled Boardwalk Macaroons with flavored fillings and interesting tidbits. They are the next generation of macaroons!