Frequently asked Questions: 

  1. When will my gift ship? Your gift normally ships the same day provided the order was placed by noon eastern standard time. You may also request a delay in shipment if you prefer your gift to arrive during a certain time range. Please note: During times of heavy volume we cannot guarantee same-day turn around but we pride our self in speedy and excellent customer service. 
  2. How long will it take for my gift to arrive? Normal delivery time is 2 - 3 business days once the package is in transit not counting the day the order was shipped out. 
  3. How much will it cost to ship my gift? Shipping cost is per address based on weight and distance (from our store in NJ) and calculated at checkout. We look to save you money and use flat rate packaging if it benefits and when possible. Gift baskets shipping West of the Mississippi may require additional shipping as costs are based on weight and size additionally. Multiple box orders may require additional shipping.
  4. How will my package be shipped? We ship using United States Post Office Priority Mail services.  Your gift will arrive through your postal carrier. We cannot direct exactly where the package will be dropped by the carrier. 
  5. How are my items packaged? Our Macaroons are wrapped two per pack in satin wrap and are packaged in our signature one, two and three-dozen gift boxes. Our Biscotti and Brownies are individually sealed. Our gift boxes are lined with wax-coated paper and arrive gift-wrapped 
  6. Do you offer gluten free items? Yes! Our Macaroons and fudge are gluten free unless the fudge includes a cookie component (i.e. cookies 'n' cream, s'mores).
  7. How long do Macaroons last? Our Macaroons have a shelf life of about ten days to two weeks. They can be refrigerated or frozen too. They colder they are the longer they remain chewy and flavorful. 
  8. What is the difference between a macaroon and a macaron? A macaron is a light meringue shell when paired and cream filled make a sweet and slightly crunchy delightful confection.  Macaroons are far more dense and chewy with a bold flavor. We can pair ours and fill them with flavored buttercream if you like but they certainly fair more than well standing alone.
  9. What gifts can be shipped in warmer weather? We ship our Macaroons year round nationwide, even the chocolate ones. Our Macaroons are wrapped in packs of two in "satin wrap" so that the chocolate will not pull away from the Macaroon once returned to room temperature. We ship our Biscotti, Brownies, Italian Sweet Bread and Fudge, and Johnson's Popcorn as well. Fudge will loosen but will not melt down. 
  10. How do I store fudge? Our fudge is best left at room temperature to help maintain the creamy and smooth texture. 
  11. What's the difference between James and Fralingers Taffy and which one sells better? We have found they both sell equally. Fralingers is the long and James is the bite size. They are both 1-Lb 50-piece 9-flavor assortments. While James is dairy free it is always best to check the label for a list of current ingredients. 
  12.  How long does Johnson's Popcorn last? The folks at Johnson's Popcorn in Ocean City, NJ provide a "best by" date of 6 months on all their tubs.
  13. Do you distribute my information? We use your information for in-house purposes only. We respect your privacy and do not distribute any information to any outside sources. 
  14. Warmer weather shipping: We cannot guarantee the shipment of chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels, or any items which may melt between May 1st and September 1st. Customer ordering and shipping any such items are doing so at their own risk.