Macaroons vs Macarons, What's the difference?

Oftentimes at Tripician's Macaroons people will come into our retail store in Galloway, NJ or call on the phone asking if we have the little round colorful macarons?  We make only macaroons, both almond and coconut ones and our recipes come from 1910 on the Atlantic City boardwalk. A macaron is a small French meringue cookie made with almond flour. They are made in a variety of colors.  It is light and has a crispy shell.  They are paired belly-to-belly and filled with light and moist but not sticky flavored cream fillings. Macaroons are made with ground nuts, egg whites and sugar.  Almond macaroons are made with almond paste as opposed to almond flour. They are far more flavorful, chewy in texture and dense.  Our macaroons are large, running about 2 1/2" inches in diameter for the coconut and 3" for the almond macaroons. Our macaroons are gluten-free, as well.

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