Spring is Just Around the Corner!

We’ve heard tell of crocuses peaking through the fallen leaves already here in south Jersey. Soon there will be daffodils that may shiver under a light snow, too. Here at Tripician’s we are excited to be preparing for a bountiful spring and Easter season of baked goods and confections. Revisit our website often as we update routinely with newly added items! 



Due to the overwhelming response our next scheduled availability will be the week PRECEDING Easter 2024. We are grateful and happy our customers are able to enjoy our focaccia for your Easter celebrations! 

Focaccia  is an Italian flatbread made from a base similar to pizza dough that can be either sweet or savory. Our focaccia is 1/2 to 1 inch thick, with a light crust and a surface full of indentations that hold the olive oil. It is then flavored with extra olive oil and topped with herbs, vegetables and other ingredients like olives. What an amazing way to celebrate your Easter with one on your holiday dinner table. Focaccia bread art is a new trend that makes beautiful, delicious amd savory edible art! 

Our loaves are 9" round and weigh approximately 1 Lb. and are available with herb and vegetable toppings. 


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